Built to the demanding standards required by professional beer geeks

Here at Hendrix Keg we like to build stuff.  Quality stuff, stuff that you can use, stuff that you can fix if it breaks, stuff that becomes part of the person you are.  We are proud of what we built here and think you will be proud to say you own one.  Check out the features below for more details and information.

american engineering

Innovative Design Puts You in Control of the Pressure

It's music to a beer drinker's ears to hear the pop of a bottle cap releasing CO2. Beer needs CO2 to stay fresh and carbonated and different beer styles require different levels of carbonation. Stouts have low CO2 levels around 6 psi while wheats will run around 12 psi. That is why the Hendrix Keg has an adjustable regulator. Not only does this allow you to keep the correct CO2 level for your beer, it also gives you flexibility when pouring. Need more foam, turn up the pressure, need less foam, turn it down.

The Hendrix Keg uses unthreaded 8 gram food grade CO2 cartridges. These are widely available online and in retail shops and prices range from 34-50 cents each depending on how many you buy. The Hendrix Keg uses 1 cartridge per keg fill.